I had clear for a long time that archaeology was one of my main vocations, but until the last year I never bothered myself with thinking about which “kind” of archaeologist I wanted to be.

My academic path has been the one of a prehistorian, oriented toward the reconstruction of the ancient environment. However, when I came in contact with Valentino Nizzo – nowadays the director of the Villa Giulia museum in Rome – everything changed. When entering the Pilastri excavation project I configured myself as an archaeologist dealing with communication, then I putted on pause my research ambitions in archaeobotany and dedicated myself to learn how effectively deal with the public.

That’s another disclosed chapter of my life, marked by the encounter with my boyfriend, Francesco Ripanti, PhD candidate in Public Archaeology at the university of Pisa, and with Cinzia Dal Maso, founder of the Study Center for Public Archaeology “Archeostorie”.

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