Bromus picoeuropeanus

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During my ERASMUS + period, my MA thesis referee  professor Carmen Acedo showed me a new species of spanish Bromus she discovered during her field trips. She was aware that I had recently returned to illustration, one of the skills that took me long time to master and which I lacked occasions to use, so she asked me if I was interested in drawing the holotype for publishing purposes – hell, yes!

It took at least 10/11 attempts to obtain a high-fidelity drawing of the whole holotype plus some close-ups; however the final version was enough convincing that she ended up rather satisfied – and so did I. Cherry on top, the past week the paper containing my artwork was released on PhytoKeys!

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Acedo C, Llamas F (2019) A new species of perennial Bromus (Bromeae, Poaceae) from the Iberian Peninsula. PhytoKeys 121: 1-12.

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