I had no idea about how to resume in a single section all my digital skills. I can only write you how old is my “legacy” with the computers.

When I was 3 years old I began to go to daycare. Since I was one
of those skinny and unhealthy kids I also began to get ill all the time. After a couple of important diseases my parents decided to make me quit. At that time them both were full-time workers; one day my father, the owner of a small company, decided to bring me to his own workplace each morning to reduce the babysitting expenses.

At my father’s office I had not to bother the workers, so I struggled to find an immersive activity. The only free workstation with a computer caught my attention, so I asked my father’s permission to approach the Pentium.   The result of that encounter was I individually learnt to use Windows 3.11 even before learning to read.

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