Museo G. Ferraresi


As a member of the Archaeological Group of Bondeno I often participate in the organisation and management of the “G. Ferraresi” Museum’s activities. Since the project StellatAmate has been concluded, my teammates and I agreed on boosting further the online reputation of the museum of Stellata; as a consequence I structured, filled and embellished a dedicated website and its related social media.  Back then I was lacking any kind of museum-related graphic material, so I literally built the corporate identity from zero, attempting to design a brand image strong enough to reflect the vibes given by that place.

The hardest thing  I faced was the “revamping” of the gorgon, which has always been considered the most eye-catching feature of the museum’s masterpiece, the stele of Tito Giulio Urbano, to create a fresh and captivating logo.

Needless to say, I also compiled part of the site contents while carrying on the social media management in collaboration with my colleagues. Now that we  nearly have the core materials to promote effectively the institution we shall start soon organising more specialised and cultural-related activities, yay!


Essential brand guidelines - logo & colors, version 1.0

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